Harbor Families Application 

Lifeline's Harbor Families exists to extend the hope, restoration, and the love of Jesus Christ to children and families experiencing a crisis in order to keep families together. 

Through the Harbor Families ministry, local churches recruit Christ-centered host families who provide temporary, short-term care to children and church volunteers support parents working through a crisis.

The physical, emotional and spiritual supports provided through relationships with people in the body of Christ, and the tangible church and community resources are intended to prevent the need for formal services, such as involvement in the child welfare/foster care system.

Lifeline equips the church to implement the model in your community, provides assessment and training of host families and volunteers, and provides connection between vulnerable families and the church.


Please complete the form below to serve as your application to the Harbor Families ministry at Lifeline Children's Services. 

We are honored that you have chosen us to assist you in this matter. Upon receiving your application, you will receive email confirmation that we have received your application. Should you not receive this email, please let us know at jackie.thomas@lifelinechild.org.


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Please include 3 in addition to one reference from a pastor or church leader. 

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We would love to know more about your relationship with Christ and about your daily walk with Him. We ask that you share your opinion(s) regarding the questions below and provide information regarding your testimony and conversion in the section that follows. Thank you for your time and willingness to share your journey to knowing Christ with us!

Religion/Spiritual Beleifs 

Values & Beliefs

Linked here is Lifeline's statement of faith made publicly available on our website. Click the link below then scroll down to read the entire "Statement of Faith" now please.   
Mission and Beliefs - Lifeline Children's Services

Household Composition
List all individuals residing in the home (Please note, a full background check, including fingerprints, is required for ALL individuals over 18 residing in the home)

Home Environment

We understand there are going to be additional expenses and associated cost when caring for children in your home.